Sunday, September 30, 2012

Comic Con 2012: Friday

The second day of Comic Con 2012 started out rocky since I realized that I left my mockingjay pin up at my apartment at university. My mom was mad that I didn't plan things out in advance and it made for an awkward car ride down. Mockingjay aside, it was a fair day.
 Katniss Everdeen (I was trying to mimic her pose from a flashing display at Lionsgate)

No that's not my coffee – its my dad's. I just realized that like Katniss, I don't like coffee but my parents like it a lot. I'm standing in front of a Grimm poster by a restaurant called Tin Fish, which tends to decorate their restaurant in the style of one of NBC's shows. Last year it was The Playboy Club and this year was Grimm. 

As you can guess, there were a TON of girls dressed as Katniss from the arena. Most of them carried a bow, arrows, and a quiver but I can't afford a bow and arrow right now, even though I'd love to learn archery some day. Those who did have the bow and arrow had to stand in a long line to have their prop weapons checked for potential risk and were tagged by personnel if they were cleared. 

I expected to see more girls dressed like Primrose, Katniss' sister but this is the only girl who went as her that I saw. Ironically she was taller than me and some of my friends joke that Prim grew a lot while Katniss was fighting. 

I went to see the panel for Arrow, which is the WB's newest show about Green Arrow/Oliver Green. This is his costume for the show.

The pilot looked promising but during the Q&A portion of the panel, one of the directors hinted that Oliver's love interest, a reporter named Dinah "Laurel" Lance was going to turn out to be Wonder Woman. Part of me wondered if he meant to say Black Canary, since she is Oliver's love interest in the DC comics universe. It is darker than Green Arrow's role in Smallville for those who were wondering.

Supposedly this mask appeared in the pilot but I didn't see it. 

 Found R2D2 and a Jet Fighter upstairs. Everyone was taking pictures of the droid since he is one of the models that can move around and follow a person.

Models at the Star Trek booth. Sometimes I wonder what its like for them to work at a geek convention and have incredibly nerdy guys drooling over them.

This guy made his Deadmau head.

And that's all that happened on Friday. Stay tuned for my Saturday and Sunday posts.

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