Sunday, October 7, 2012

Comic Con 2012 Saturday

Comic Con Saturday was hectic. An easier morning of picking jeans and Converse sneakers and getting some help from Mom lacing into the new corset we made out of 2011 Comic Con bags of the Justice League on the front.

I found that the DC Booth had a similar illustration on a display so I took a picture posed in front of it. 

I did end up skipping the autograph signing for The Hunger Games cast since I heard that it was really long and many girls had camped out to get a wristband for it. Also, Isabelle Fuhrman had originally been scheduled to join Alexander Ludwig, Dayo Okeniyi, Jack Quaid, Amandla Stenberg, and Willow Shields for the signing but she didn't make it. (I had been hoping to meet her since I'm a fan of her portrayal of Clove.)

 This guy asked to pose with the Bounty Hunter and his Star Wars crew and he was asked to kneel and look as if he was being tortured/killed by the group.

A really cool steampunk version of a female Joker

Most of my day was spent in panels. I attended Comic/Superhero video games, Grimm, Person of Interest, Revolution, and Mythbusters.

The panel for Comic/Superhero video games was interesting and in some parts, a bit dry. One company began describing a game with monkeys in it until some guy dressed as Deadpool burst into the room with a bullhorn and declared that their concept was totally boring. He scared the company members off the stage before showing everyone the trailer for his video game about himself. Humorously, the guy seated next to me was blogging every minute of this so I'm sure he got a kick out of the presentation as he was typing his post. 

I mainly attended Grimm for my grandma since she's a huge fan of the show. She really likes Nick (David Giuntoli) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell). 

They could barely fit the cast and crew at the table. Sasha Roiz (Captain Renaud) had to squeeze his chair in at the very end)

David (Nick), Bitsie (Juliette), and Silas (Monroe) with Sean Reyes

One of the first questions asked by the moderator was what was Silas' favorite color. (For those who don't watch Grimm, there's a scene where Silas' character Monroe is eating dinner with David's character Nick. Monroe complains to Nick that he's being used as a walking encyclopedia and that really, Nick doesn't know anything about him, not even his favorite color. Nick tries to appease the upset Monroe by asking what is his favorite color, to which he gets an eye roll from Monroe before the latter replies red.) And Silas said cerulean blue is his favorite color for those who are wondering!
 I forgot why Bree (Rosalee) was making a face here. When fans began asking questions, one guy jokingly asked if the writers were planning to ever have Monroe and Rosalee get married and maybe have hybrid babies. (In the show, Monroe is a Blutbad (think Little Red Riding Hood's Big Bad Wolf) and Rosalee is a Fuchsbau (a fox), with both of them looking like normal human beings unless they display anger or sadness – in those cases, they shift to their creature forms.) The cast encouraged Bree to show everyone the "little one in the oven" and Bree stood up to reveal that she was very pregnant.

 Russell (Hank), Reggie (Wu), and Sasha (Captain Renaud)

Sasha had a lot of fans that were cheering his name and yelling at him. He did a lot of waving during the panel and even after it ended, he stayed behind to chat with a few fans. Despite the fact that he plays one of the antagonists, in real life, he is a good guy. Humorously, one of the people who came up to the mic was Brian Tee, who played Akira Kimura in the Season 1 finale of Grimm. David joked that he thought that Brian's character was dead and the writers added that it was unknown if Akira is dead or just knocked out. Brian had nothing but positive things to say about the show and encouraged everyone to watch and get their friends to watch.

Person of Interest was kind of dry – it felt like the cast was stiff trying to answer questions. Revolution was interesting since it is focused on the concept of all power sources shutting off mysteriously and the world being forced to live their lives like the olden days. There was a lot of cheesy moments since they are also trying to have a side romance happen with the main character Charlie and a guy working for the Militia named Nate. The stunts coordinator who did sword work with the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean is coordinating the fight scenes in this show, which is kind of neat. Mythbusters was great as usual.

Throughout the day prior to the panels, I spent most of the day trying to find a Wonder Woman, a Batman, and a Superman to pose with since they are the 3 main characters featured on my corset. I did see an Aquaman on Thursday but not on Saturday. Surprisingly, I found no guy dressed as the Flash. 

Wonder Woman


It took a while to find a Batman but I found one as I was leaving the convention center.

 A display promoting Revolution. Yes, it is a car and model Ferris wheel covered in shrubbery and vines because its supposed to show how nature took over everything once the power shut off.

The Tin Fish restaurant decked out in Grimm decorations.

And that concludes Saturday's Comic Con festivities. I'll post Sunday soon!


  1. oh my gosh it looked like a lot of fun? did you make the corset?

    1. It was a lot of fun! And yes, my mom and I made my corset out of Comic Con 2011 bags.