Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Entries to Come and Brief Apology for Hiatus

Hey gang, how's your summer going?

For me, its been a roller coaster of highs and lows. I've found cool items from boutiques and had fun scouring my grandma's basement but I've also had an added amount of stress put on me.

My laptop refused to log in properly after I rushed the shut down process on it during a flight. I took it to the Apple store to get it looked at. What started as a 15 minute appointment turned into a 5.5 hour nightmare as my computer was given new updates for Mac OS X Lion to fix the log in problems then the tech said that there was nothing else to do but wipe it clean and try to pull files off my back up drive. Then it turns out that because I turned on FileVault in 2010 for my back up drive, the backed up files became encrypted and impossible to unmount and put back onto my computer. The only set of files I could obtain were from September 2010. Now I'm hoping a file recovery company can restore my back up drive but it will come with a price. (I will be cleaning out my closet and cabinets of clothes and knickknacks from anime and manga I have so look out for them!)

Problems aside, I owe some of you a few picture posts. Expect the following posts:
Gokai Yellow Bandai Official Licensed Jacket with Pictures
BCBG Long Dress I bought secondhand
Some of the vintage clothes found in my grandma's basement
Finds from boutiques in Los Angeles
Maybe a Want to Buy or Help Find post or two
Comic Con 2012 pictures once July hits

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