Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comic Con 2011 Day 3

Welcome to the craziest day aka Saturday. Day 2 of my Comic Con bag corset and hanging with my friend.

Saturday, July 23
What do we want? Brains! When do we want them? Braaaaiiiins! My friend Jaxon and I prepare for the madness that is Saturday at Comic Con.

Pendragon Costumes made a corset out of this year's bags. They also made an awesome men's jacket.

More items made from 2011 bags at Pendragon Costumes.

Adam West aka the original TV Batman!

My dad found a mom and daughter who made dresses out of last year's bags while I was in line getting autographs for the creative team of Avatar and Korra. I was actually hoping to get autographs for Supah Ninjas but got into the line too early. I gave my signatures to 3 boys who ended up at the back of the line and really wanted the signatures. They really appreciated it in the end.

I didn't photograph any of the panels I sat in later that day. But I watched The Secret Circle, Nikita, Person of Interest, and Mythbusters!

Secret Circle was a bit teen-ish for my liking but semi intriguing.

Nikita was awesome and Maggie Q applauded a kind gentleman who gave up his spot in line to allow 2 young ladies to ask their questions before time was called. Awww. :)

Person of Interest had a great pace and it was cool seeing Michael Emerson acting as the eccentric rich man who provides the information to the main character who tries to stop cruel crimes against individuals or individuals who may commit a crime.

Mythbusters was hilarious. They tried to pull a prank on the audience, saying that the announcer changed and that they wanted to get the audience's opinion on the new guy. It was simply a goofy voiceover of some guy on YouTube saying profanities.

That's all for Saturday and Sunday's coming up.

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