Thursday, August 4, 2011

Comic Con 2011 Day 1

Hey everyone! Apologies for the very late Comic Con post - my iPhoto program has been acting up lately and I've been forced to try to figure out another way to upload my photos to my blog to share. (Guess that means I'll get to pay Apple a visit soon...)

Without further ado, here's a run down of 1 out of 4 cram-packed, exciting, sometimes frustrating, and memorable days at Comic Con. On Thursday, I walked the exhibit floor and hung with friends.

Thursday, July 21
Under the Comic Con Free Standing Banner

Closer view of me. The corset I'm wearing was made with the help of my mom and a family friend from Comic Con 2010 x Warner Bros bags.

The Kingdom of Loathing Booth

Lego Batman!

Girls dressed in Princess Leia's Slave Girl costume

Oh there you are Perry!

Her hat has little screens on it!!

Elijah Wood (I didn't stand in line for his autograph but he was signing for his newest show.)

I finally meet Christine! She blogs too: Beneath the Frills

And that's all for Thursday! I'll post up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday too.

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